Skin Care Routine

You don’t need me to tell you how important a good skin care routine is. You’ve grown up hearing it from your mother, your friends, and the countless TV commercials and magazine ads. But they were all right!

Makeup can do a bang up job of hiding flaws and making you look gorgeous for a day, but the point of makeup is to enhance what you already have, and wouldn’t it be nice to have healthy skin that you’re proud of and feel beautiful in without makeup on?

Firstly let me tell you about my skin so you know what I’m dealing with (just remember that everyone’s skin is different and what works for me may not work for you). I have oily skin that is very reactive. My skin can break out at the drop of a hat if I use something it doesn’t like. It can be sensitive if I use something too harsh so I stick to “calming” or “sensitive” products. My skin also likes a simple routine.  In the past when I’ve tried too many different things it tends to freak out, so these days I stick to a basic routine and it’s working for me! It’s also worth noting that I suffered from sever hormonal acne last year and so I still have some spots and scarring marks from that. So here it is… My skin Care Routine!


Cleanse! I wash my face in the morning with the Arbonne Gentle Daily Cleanser from the ‘Calm’ range. It’s a gel cleanser (which is perfect for oily skin) so it cleans off oil and dirt without leaving a residue.

Treat! After washing my face I use the Arbonne Soothing Facial Serum from the ‘Calm’ range. It’s a simple and light weight serum that adds moisture to the deeper layers of the skin that a moisturiser doesn’t get to.

Moisturise! For this step I use two products, an eye gel and a face moisturiser, both from the Arbonne ‘Calm’ range as well. The Soothing Eye Gel comes in a tube with a metal roller ball. I LOVE the roller ball in the morning as it feels cooling and refreshing under my eyes and helps to wake me up. Then I apply the Gentle Daily Moisturiser to the rest of my face. This moisturiser is very light weight so it doesn’t make my oily skin feel too heavy or overly dewey.


Clean! The first thing I do is remove my makeup using the Clinique Take The Day off cleansing balm. It’s a balm that you apply directly to your dry face – no water! I massage it over my face (including my eyelashes) to loosen all the dirt and then use a muslin cloth or gentle face cloth with luke-warm water to remove everything. Seriously, this stuff gets EVERYTHING off including my industrial strength water proof mascara!

Cleanse! I use the same cleanser at night as I do in the morning.

Treat! Now is the time to treat my skin to whatever it needs. If I’m breaking out I’ll use something like a Benzol Peroxide lotion, or if my skin is feeling irritated I might use my morning serum to sooth and calm it.

Moisturise! At night I use a different eye cream and a night cream than my morning routine. I go for something richer and more hydrating because I want my skin to repair overnight and absorb all of the nutrients and goodness. I switch it up between the Arbonne FC5 range (Hydrating Eye Crème and the Moisturising Night Crème) or the Arbonne RE9 range (Corrective Eye Crème and the Night Repair Crème).


Exfoliate! About once or twice a week (depending how congested my skin feels) I exfoliate after cleansing with the Arbonne FC5 Exfoliating New Cell Scrub. This exfoliator is gentle so doesn’t irritate my skin, and it smells so AMAZING! It’s made with kiwi extract so it smells so fresh and fruity!

Treat! I treat my skin daily with my serum or night treatment, but it’s nice to occasionally do an extra special treatment using a face mask. Like I said, my skin likes a simple routine so I don’t use masks very often, but every now and then I love to choose a mask (whatever suits my skin needs at the time), make a cup of tea, and relax with a book or TV show and enjoy a little pamper session.

So that’s my routine! For me, this routine and these products are my holy grail and my skin has never been better!

What is your routine and what are your holy grail products?


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