3 Winter Fashion Essentials!

There are so many things I love about winter! Cold days wrapped up in a warm blanket watching movies, hot drinks, hearty foods, bed socks, but especially… the fashion! There’s so much option when it comes to winter fashion, but here are 3 essential items that are my MUST HAVES every winter.

Lets start with the feet. We all need a good pair of boots for winter, or 5, lets be honest! Whether you’re a fan of the stylish and cute ankle boot, the comfortable and casual riding boot, or adding some kick-ass edginess with a combat boot, there’s a style for everyone! Personally I’m a die hard combat boot fan. I have a pair that I’ve worn to death for about 3 years, so I’m planning on upgrading them very soon. 1434407805343

Now to keep you warm and add another layer to your outfit you cant go past a scarf. With so many colours, patterns, styles and textures, you can always find the perfect addition to any winter outfit… and the bonus is they are so damn cosy on those chilly days! I personally love a good knit and my current favourite is a burgundy infinity scarf that goes with all my neutral outfits! 1434408598414

And to top it off… who doesn’t love a good hat! I personally enjoy wearing hats all year round as they add a cute touch to any look and are perfect for hiding bad hair days! Whether you want to stay snug in a warm knit beanie, go for a more chic look with a floppy felt hat, or add some sass with a printed beanie, do yourself a favour and add some hats to your winter wardrobe.1434408255186

What are your must haves for the winter season?


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