Cleansing: Dos and Don’ts

Cleansing, in my opinion, is the most important step of your skin care routine. Theres no point slathering on amazing serums, treatments, and creams if your skin isn’t properly cleaned and ready to absorb everything you’re putting on. So it’s important to do it right! In no particular order, here are my dos and don’ts for proper cleansing…

DO cleanse morning and night. No excuses people, make time! That lovely sheen on your skin when you wake up isn’t morning glow…its sweat…wash it off! And night cleansing is self explanatory…makeup, SPF, environmental germs and dirt…it must come off!

DON’T use a facewipe at the end of the day and call that cleansing. All you’re doing is collecting dirt on a wipe and then spreading it all over your face.

DO double cleanse if you’re wearing makeup and/or SPF. You need to cleanse once to remove it and then again to properly clean your skin.

DON’T use extremely hot water. It may feel nice especially in winter to warm you up, but its damaging to your skin and ages you prematurely so keep the temp warm-hot. This goes for the rest of your body too, not just your face.

DO use fresh running water! Don’t fill a bowl or the sink and splash back onto your face the water that has just taken  dirt off. Thats gross!

DON’T wet your face before applying your cleanser. Apply it to dry skin, massage it in, then use water to wash it all off. Why? Applying it to a wet face dilutes the product and it wont clean to its full capacity. If you can’t stand the feeling of applying it dry, you can slightly dampen your hands first but DON’T saturate them.

DO use a face cloth and water to remove your cleanser. It removes everything thoroughly, exfoliates at the same time, and just feels really nice on the skin. You can buy flannels in bulk for really cheap so that you have a fresh one every day, then just chuck them all in the wash on laundry day and you’re good to go again.

DON’T DON’T DONT sleep with makeup on. Just don’t do it. I have nothing more to say on that matter.

So that’s it folks. Like I said, proper cleansing should be the priority with your skin care, get this step right and all your other products will work so much better!


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