Weekend Wardrobe: A walk in the park

Welcome to the first edition of “Weekend Wardrobe” where I’ll be bringing you ideas and inspiration from my own personal closet.

Whatever the weekend brings, there’s an outfit for every occasion…lunch with friends, nights out with the girls, or just a lazy day with family. I love fashion and I certainly spend a lot of time on Pinterest, blogs, and Instagram getting inspired, so here’s a little bit of inspiration from me to you…enjoy!!

Today I headed to Normanville to spend time with the family and we decided to take our dog, Charlie, for an afternoon walk. Mum and Dad live near a lot of paddocks so we went for a stroll through the park and past some properties where we saw kangaroos, cows, ducks, and then came across this amazing stone wall!

I decided to go for comfort today with dark grey cargo pants and a white high neck t-shirt which has a kind of geometric meets Aztec pattern sewn into it. I love it because it’s a good way to make a plain white t-shirt a little less plain. It was a bit cold so I chucked on a denim jacket and on my feet, wore my white Converse. For jewellery I wore my Fossil rose gold watch, and two Michael Kors rings that I picked up earlier this year when I was in the US. And finished it off with my Michael Kors aviators, also from the US. A simple and comfortable outfit that still looked put together!




Thanks Dad for spotting this stone wall back drop…I should make you my new location scout! And a big thanks to Mum for being my photographer. What a dream team! Oh and I can’t forget the reason we went for a walk in the first place…here’s a snap of Charlie who is planning to start a modeling career!!

Happy Sunday to you all!! X X X


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