Weekend Wardrobe: Friends, babies… and a cat!

This weekend I packed a bag, jumped in my car and drove out to the northern suburbs of Adelaide to spend a couple of nights with friends. I was invited to attend a 1st birthday which was about an hour and half from where I live, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to have a mini getaway since I was driving out that way.

We had some nice weather on Sunday… well for winter anyway! The sun was out, but there was still a winter chill in the air. Since I was heading to a kids party, I wanted to keep my outfit pretty simple. I decided on a plain black dress from Target. It’s form fitting with a very modest hem line that sits just below the knee, and of course, black is always flattering… so you can eat LOTS of birthday cake! I picked up this cosy long cardigan on sale from Valleygirl and I am so in love with it! I know I’ll be able to wear it with so many outfits so it was a great find! I picked up these cute and comfy flats from Big W and finished the look off with some black and silver bangles and a black fox ring from Lovisa.

20150628_171935 (2)


And I also made a new friend! This little guy came along while we were taking photos and just HAD to be involved! Seriously, we couldn’t get him out of the shot! What a cutie!



Hope you all had a nice weekend too!


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