A quick and easy eye look – Silver and Brown

“Ugh, whatever, I cannot be bothered” – me, every morning when doing my makeup.

I’ve fallen into a serious state of complacency when it comes to my makeup every morning. I know many people don’t bother with makeup at all, and I probably still do more than most, but as a makeup artist, I feel like I should be putting in more effort with my looks… I mean, your face is your billboard in this industry, right?!

My lazy makeup routine is basically the rest of my face but skipping on the eyes (except for mascara of course… that’s an essential!), but today I decided to take those few extra minutes to do a quick and easy eye look using silver and brown…


Shadows used:
Inner Corner – MAC ‘Vanilla’
Brow Bone – MAC ‘ Vanilla’
Lid – MAC ‘Silver Ring’
Crease – MAC ‘Soft Brown’
Lash Line – MAC ‘Knight Divine’

Have you tried these MAC shadows before?

What’s your favourite go to eye look for everyday?



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