Bare Minimum Face – 4 products

Sometimes I just can’t be bothered with much makeup…I mean, when you have to start work at 7am you just want to get as much sleep as possible and get out the door quickly, right!?

But I also dont want to look like a zombie!

So keeping it to the bare minimum, this is what I use…


– Australis Fresh and Flawless Powder applied with a kabuki brush to give me a little bit of coverage as I do have some acne scars and redness. I also have oily skin and this powder is good at keeping me from looking too shiny throughout the day.

– Arbonne Eyebrow Gel to keep the hairs in place. Although filling them in and shaping them is something I normally do, when I’m keeping it to the bare minimum, a gel is enough just to keep them in place.

– Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascaraย  (waterproof/black) and a lash curler. This is a step I CANNOT skip. If I only had time to apply one product it would be mascara. It just opens up your eyes and makes you look awake. I have very straight and stubborn lashes so I have to use a curler and a waterproof mascara or they won’t stay lifted.

– Christian Dior Lip Glow to hydrate my lips and give them a little bit of colour. This is a tinted lip balm so it’s perfect for a bare minimum look to keep things simple but fresh.

So that’s it. That’s what I use when I’m in a rush or can’t really be bothered but want to look awake and fresh.


What are your bare minimum products?

Have you tried any of these?



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