How to Layer Your Skin Care


Staring at a cupboard of skin care products can be daunting. Serums, treatments, gels, creams….how do we tackle all of this and in what order do we apply them?

Well the simple rule of thumb is to apply lightest to heaviest.

If you can remember that then you should be fine. Always start with your lightest consistency products like serums, and work up to your heavier creams and moisturisers.

We all know that cleansing comes first. Before you even think about layering other products, your face should be clean. Straight after cleansing use your toner to purify and balance your skin. Toners are always very liquidy and almost a watery consistency so its easy to remember that toning comes straight after cleansing. From there you can start layering…

Now, before I take care of my face I apply my eye cream. The eye area is so delicate and you shouldn’t layer products around the eye, so apply your eye cream and then leave that area alone.

Serums are highly potent and deliver active ingredients to your skin so you want to put them on before anything else so that they can be absorbed deeply. They’re also generally the thinnest consistency which follows the lightest to heaviest rule. If you’re using multiple serums, feel the texture of each and then apply them in order of consistency. If you can’t tell the difference between them just apply them in order of treating your skin concerns.

Next comes any targeted treatment products or prescriptions like an acne lotion or an anti aging or lifting gel. These sorts of treatments are generally a thicker consistency than a serum.

Now you can lock it all in with your daytime moisturiser or night cream.

If you’re using a facial oil, this should go on after moisturiser. This step can be confusing because oils can feel like a serum, but they need to go last because their makeup doesnt allow moisturisers to penetrate through them.

Now this last step is just for the morning… if youre applying an SPF this goes on as your very last product so that it’s the final barrier between your skin and the sun.

I hope this was helpful and that you’ll embrace your skin care routine rather than feel overwhelmed by it!



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