I’m a devoted cleansing balm user when it comes to removing makeup. I personally feel that a balm or oil with a muslin or wash cloth is the most effective way to get everything off and clean the skin, so I was excited to try out the cult beauty favourite that is the EVE LOM Cleanser.



The EVE LOM website describes the product as “expertly balanced for all skin types, skin concerns and environmental conditions”. The website also states that Vogue described the product as “probably the best cleanser in the world” so the standards were set pretty high.

The active ingredients are clove oil (antiseptic to clear the skin), eucalyptus oil (to drain away toxins), hops oil (to tone the skin), Egyptian chamomile oil (to soften and soothe), and cocoa butter (to condition).

When I first purchased this I immediately loved the packaging. The white tub with sleek gold labelling looks fresh, beautiful and luxurious and it’s nice to use a product that feels special! The cleanser also comes with a muslin cloth which is a nice bonus as you don’t need to source a cloth separately. For those that don’t know what a muslin cloth is, it’s a fine cotton fabric used to wipe the cleanser from your face.

Using this product feels just as luxurious as the packaging looks. It definitely feels like a spa quality facial in the comfort of your own home. I like the way it spreads easily despite the thick, waxy consistency, and the very slight granules in the product, along with the muslin cloth, leave you skin feeling exfoliated after you wash it off. My favourite thing about this cleanser is that my skin doesn’t feel stripped afterwards. This is because of all of the oils and coca butter that moisturise and condition.

Now I’m not sure how I feel about the scent. At first I hated it. It’s strong and herbal, and I found it to be too much, but as I’ve used it more I’ve become used to it and now don’t mind it…so I’m left undecided.

In comparison to other balms, I felt that this one didn’t remove my makeup quite as well. My normal routine is to use a balm to remove makeup and then cleanse with my face wash. With this product, if I was wearing a lot of makeup that day, I sometimes had to use the balm twice, then follow up with my face wash which obviously takes longer and uses more product. It also didn’t remove my water proof mascara as well as other cleansing balms.

My biggest issue with this is that it’s mineral oil based, which I didn’t know before I bought it. Mineral oil is a cheap filler product and has no benefit to your skin. It’s no good for you, and when you’re paying $73 (AUD) for 50ml of product you want every ounce of it to be beneficial. When I looked at the ingredients list on the website and saw that mineral oil was the first product listed I was pretty bummed 😦


Whilst I love the look and feel of this cleanser, the fact that it doesn’t remove my makeup as well as I’d like (which is my main purpose of using a balm), is very pricey, and uses mineral oil as an ingredient means that I wont be repurchasing it.

Have you tried this cleanser before?

What’s your favourite Cleansing Balm?


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