Weekend in Pictures

Just thought I’d quickly share a few pictures that I snapped over the weekend.

It was a busy couple of days, but I had such a great time seeing friends, being active and also having some much needed down time, so here’s a couple of sneaky pics…
The weather this weekend was INCREDIBLE, so on Saturday I went for a stroll along my local beach. There were a few people (and horses) out and about enjoying the sun.

Saturday night I went to a friends place for her birthday but first had to stop at this AMAZING burger joint in Golden Grove called Gold Burger & Steak. There is absolutely nothing healthy about it, but the burgers are just so damn freaking delicious. They’re what I’d call a real American style burger. On Sunday I walked 12km for the City to Bay Fun Run that’s held here in Adelaide every September. I did it with some work friends and we chose to raise money for the charity Mind Australia who support mental health recovery.

It was a long walk, but the weather was beautiful and there was entertainment staggered along the whole walk… it was actually really fun! I’m glad I did it!

And yes, Ronald McDonald was handing out high fives. 

Hope you all had a great weekend!



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