Are your products really cruelty free?

I don’t know anyone that would want to willingly participate in animal cruelty, but the fact is that too many brands these days are still testing on animals in some way or another and they’ve gotten pretty good at pulling the wool over our eyes.

Do you know if the brands you’re using test on animals? Are they actually cruelty free? Have you even thought about it that much?

Honestly, most people haven’t really thought about it, and are oblivious to the fact that animal testing is still happening. I’m no saint, I know that some of the products I have at home come from brands who are not cruelty free, but I’m becoming more and more informed every day and the more I delve into it, and the more I find out, the more I am steering further and further away from these companies.

So lets shed a little light on this topic…

Labels and Marketing
Brands have to market their products, and the use of misleading labels and carefully chosen words is one technique many companies use. By adding to their label “this finished product was not tested on animals” just means that the product in it’s final form wasn’t tested on animals, but it doesn’t mean that all of the ingredients put into that product wasn’t.

Third Party Testing
This is the biggest loop hole that companies use. This means that the company themselves don’t test on animals, but perhaps an outside organisiation, or their parent company do the testing on their behalf and then they just use the ingredients or products.

Cruelty Free Brands
There are so many cruelty free brands these days to choose from. Companies that are certified as cruelty free ensure that no animal testing occurred at any stage of the product development process. Be aware though, that not all cruelty free brands are certified vegan. Many cruelty free brands may use beeswax, lanolin, honey, milk or egg.

Vegan Brands
If you are are vegan, you will most likely argue that ‘cruelty free brands’ are not cruelty free if they still use the animal products mentioned above. If you want to go 100% cruelty free and be confident in your choice you need to choose brands that are certified vegan.

There are a number of websites around that have further information on this topic and that also have lists available to you advising which brands are cruelty free and which brands are not. I’ve linked a couple of these sites below for you…

  1. Choose Cruelty Free is my favourite. It has a list of cruelty free brands, a list of certified vegan brands, and it also has a list of declined brands.
  2. has some great information and a list of 11 interesting facts about animal testing.
  3. Animals Australia also has some great info and lists.

I don’t want to name and shame any companies on my blog, but I would encourage you to do a quick google search for brands that test on animals and I think you’ll be surprised with how many of your every day, and probably favourite, products come from theseΒ  companies.

What do you think about this topic?

What is your favourite vegan or cruelty free brand?


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