Travel Diaries: Hong Kong Part 1

In November I was lucky enough to go to Hong Kong, an exciting and different experience for me. This was my first trip to Asia and I was ecstatic about going somewhere new.

I was even more excited about this trip because it was for a very special occasion…a wedding!

I was invited not only as a guest, but also as the hair and makeup artist for the big day, so it was a duo holiday/work trip. This meant some serious planning when it came to my luggage and work kit. How I packed my kit for travel is another blog post you can look out for in the new year.

I didn’t really know what to expect from Hong Kong, but the bride had been raving about the place for ages, and the adventurer in me is open to pretty much any destination and experience, so I knew it was going to be amazing.

Some days were filled with wedding related activities, and most of the outings were done with the group. Although it was like herding sheep, and it was hard on the bride and groom trying to accommodate everybody all the time, we all loved the group outings! I love making new friends, and sharing experiences with people you can have a laugh and a drink with at the end of the day was great.

Day 1
On my first day I got to the hotel and I had about 30 minutes to quickly shower and change before we headed out to…CHINA! I know! My first day in Hong Kong and we travelled across the boarder to Shen Zhen, China! That meant I visited 3 countries in one day! It was very exciting! We didn’t venture far in Shen Zhen, we got off the train, had a little wander around and then went to this really cool shopping mall. It wasn’t like any mall I’d seen before. It sort of reminded me of an indoor market with 6 floors worth of shops. There were shops selling everything and anything you can think of. Some of it cheap, gimmicky stuff, and some of it really great quality bags, shoes and electronics, and the top floor was filled with tailors and fabric shops. Some of our group wanted to have clothes made so we looked through endless shelves, racks, walls, and tables worth of fabric. If you love the fabric section in Spotlight (a fabric and craft store in Australia) then you would go CRAZY for this place! After a few hours of exploring we headed back into Hong Kong and it was getting pretty late by that point. After so much travelling in one day I was exhausted, so after dinner it was straight to bed!

The shopping mall in Shen Zen

Day 2
The next day we went to The Peak, the highest lookout point in Hong Kong.  To get there you buy a ticket for a tram that runs from the city all the way up the hill, and it is a SERIOUSLY steep hill! The floor of the tram is actually scalloped so that people standing in the aisle don’t slip backwards as it travels up the steep incline! The view from the look out was INCREDIBLE! There’s some restaurants and shops at The Peak so we wandered around for a while, I bought some killer Sunnies from SPY Optic that I am now obsessed with (my one splurge of the trip). We then headed back into the city and stopped at the Mong Kok markets. The markets was my first taste of what I thought Hong Kong or China would be like…busy crowds, very noisy, stall owners trying to sell to you as you walk past, and LOTS of haggling. It was a really cool experience and one you definitely have to do! The streets in the area are equally as busy with shop signs and lights EVERYWHERE!

Day 3
I spent the next morning having a lazy couple of hours in bed… sleep in, breakfast, and watching Wolf of Wall Street (one of my faves!). After getting my rest on, I got ready for another group outing…the Bridal Shower! The bride had always wanted to have high tea at The Peninsula Hotel, one of the most luxurious Hotels in Hong Kong. It was a stunning location and the high tea was absolutely delicious! We all had so much fun and after tea we snuck off and explored as much of the hotel we could get to… check out this pool!

After the bridal shower we all met up with the boys and went to Bierfest at the Marco Polo Hotel. I know it probably seems strange to be going to Bierfest while in Hong Kong but it was one of the best nights. Great food, lots of dancing and entertainment, and of course BEER! Now I don’t drink beer so I stuck to wine, but everyone else was loving it. I also got picked to go up and stage and take part in a little competition. Unfortunately I didn’t win, but I do take pride in knowing that I was the third best horn blower in Hong Kong (on that night anyway) haha!

We also stumbled across a display of Panda’s! I’m not sure what it was for, but they were cute so of course we had to take some pictures!

After Bierfest the Bride and I crashed the bachelor party and went clubbing with the boys. We stumbled upon a questionable establishment, stayed for about 10 minutes and then high-tailed it out of there before eventually ending up at the popular night club area, Lan Kwai Fong. This was seriously one of the best nights out I’ve ever had… and boy did I pay for it the next day… #didnotdrinkresponsibly


Stay tuned for Travel Diaries: Hong Kong Part 2…


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