3 Ways to Treat a Sunburn

Well… Summer is definitely here!

I’ve unfortunately had my first sunburn of the season and after this harsh reminder I’m determined to make sure it’s a one off occurrence!

As a skin care girl, I got straight onto a treatment plan to make sure the damage is minimal and the recovery is quick. Obviously the goal is to not over expose yourself to the sun’s harmful rays in the first place, but hey, accidents happen.

Here are my tips…

  1. Relieve the pain
    Take a cool bath or shower to help relieve the pain, but avoid using harsh soaps or body washes as the wrong ingredients can irritate and dry out the skin. You can also take an anti-inflammatory pain killer such ibuprofen or aspirin to reduce pain and swelling.
  2. Moisturise whilst skin is wet
    After your bath or shower, gently pat yourself down with a towel but leave some water on the skin. Moisturise straight away with a soothing and hydrating lotion. This will trap the water in and reduce dryness. Try and choose a lotion or cream with a cooling effect to take away the sting. Something with aloe vera in it is always a favourite and works wonders.
  3. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!
    Sunburn draws the body’s fluid and moisture to the skins surface so it’s important to increase your water intake to assist with the healing process and avoid dehydration.

Sunburn may seem temporary, but the long term damage should be taken very seriously. The sun is the #1 thing that ages us, and we all know that too much sun exposure can increase the risk of skin cancer. So cover up and take care out there!

Do you have any other tips for treating a sunburn?

Courtney X X X


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