I am NOT a morning person! I’m more of a hit snooze 25 times, “don’t talk to me”, running late for work kind of girl, So sitting down to eat breakfast is just a complete no go when I have somewhere to be.

I’ve recently started making breakfast smoothies instead and OMG… why did I not try this sooner! I can chuck the ingredients in a blender cup in 5 seconds, blend, and run out the door with breakfast in hand! It’s quick, healthy and saves me from spending money on a greasy McMuffin.

Here’s one of my faves…



1 banana

1 cup frozen mixed berries

90 ml yogurt (or a non-dairy option)

1 scoop of vegan Fibre Boost powder

2 scoops of vegan Vanilla Meal Replacement Shake

Coconut water (or just plain water)


Pour Vanilla Meal Replacement Shake into a blender

Add Fibre Boost powder

Add fruit and yogurt (or non-dairy option)

Pour in coconut water and add a handful of ice

Blend to desired consistency and enjoy!

What’s your favourite breakfast smoothie recipe?

Courtney X X X


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