I’m saying goodbye!

Well…not completely, just to this blog page. I have a brand spanking new website and I’m extremely excited to share it with you!

Why the change? Well, as you’re probably aware, I’ve worked as a makeup artist for the past 6 years, on and off. I’ve done department stores, runway shows, weddings, special events and more. I took a break from makeup over the past year after moving to a new city, and spent a lot of time figuring out what direction I wanted to take next. I also stopped writing blog posts and instead explored a few other business ideas and interests, but I’ve felt myself being pulled back to where I know I’m supposed to be…the beauty industry.

But I’m approaching it a bit differently.

Instead of makeup application I’m focussing on education. My business, as a beauty educator, is to help people care for their skin and internal health, and to utilise makeup to enhance that. I want my clients to feel glowing and confident in their own beauty. But that’s not all, my business is also about creating a life of flexibility and choice! Not only for myself, but showing others how to have the same. I want to have a positive impact on people and help them achieve whatever it is they want whether that’s youthful and glowing skin, confidence with a makeup brush, losing weight and feeling healthier, or creating their own life of flexibility and choice.

So that brings us to my new website! Here you’ll find info about the makeup and skincare workshops I run, the healthy living program I offer, and my new blog where I share tips and useful info about skincare, cosmetics, health and wellness, as well as a bit about my own life and adventures…if that’s something you’re interested in. Mostly it’s just eating a lot of food and drinking a lot of wine but if that’s your jam then subscribe!


I’d love you to take a look and subscribe so you can stay up to date! Feedback is also encouraged and appreciated!

See you over there!





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